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Tailormade plans

Health plans for 100 or more insured employees

Living abroad may present you with a number of challenges. Health care standards vary from country to country and in certain regions of the world there are higher health risks due to disease, contaminated water supplies or low levels of public hygiene. Other areas may have an adverse climate or inadequate safety precautions.


  • Free choice of recognised hospitals, clinics, doctors and specialists
  • Possible cover for congenital, hereditary, and chronic conditions
  • No exclusions for innocent bystanders in acts of war and terrorism
  • Full cover regardless of leisure and sporting activities
  • In-house medical consultants
  • 24-hour in-house emergency service
  • Possibility of continuation cover


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Service Network
Our first-class service network is available in many countries all over the world. Our multilingual staff in Bupa Global Assistance, based in Copenhagen, will provide professional assistance and efficient service 24 hours a day.
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Your Customer Service Team
Offering a superior service is one of our key objectives. You will be taken care of by a small, dedicated team of customer consultants.

Your customer consultants will be able to assist you with all matters regarding your policy, whether it is reimbursement of claims, changing an address or a question regarding the actual cover.

Your customer service team are at your disposal via chat, mail or phone. Please refer to our contact navigation on your left and we'll be in touch.