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ihi Bupa Intermediaries

Local Consultants are the Key to Satisfied Customers

ihi Bupa works worldwide through a highly professional distribution and service network.

ihi Bupa producers are required to offer customers the best service at all times and are for that purpose invited to seminars dealing with how to represent the company.

ihi Bupa producers enjoy the comfort of working with a respected and reliable company based on high ethic values and a sound economy.


A wide range of producer benefits

To ensure a successful working relationship ihi Bupa is constantly focusing on the exchange of ideas between producers and the company itself. This is done at various incentive seminars throughout  the world, through motivating training courses at the head office in Copenhagen, our dedicated websites and a series of newsletters for both producers and clients.


Our criteria for a relationship:

  • High code of ethics
  • Full knowledge of our products and procedures
  • Skills and appearance in accordance with ihi Bupa’s high quality image
  • A technological platform with access to the Internet.

If you can identify yourself with the values listed - please do not hesitate to contact us

Call us at +45 33 15 30 99 or send an email to ihi@ihi.com.








Visit ihi Bupa's Extranet

Go to ihi Bupa's Extranet for producers. As a registered ihi Bupa producer you get access to your personal, customized pages.
Go to producer.ihi.com