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Find a hospital or clinic

Search Bupa's global network of medical providers and get Bupa Global Assistance to arrange and pay for your eligible treatment.

With a health insurance at Bupa Global you have access to a worldwide network of care – including over 10,800 healthcare facilities where bills can be settled directly. By using the links below you can easily find a medical facility that matches your needs.

Before receiving treatment, please call Bupa Global Assistance on +45 70 23 24 60. We can then confirm if you are covered and arrange prior approval of your treatment.

Select your region

Please be aware you will be redirected to our partners' websites.

Search for hospitals, clinics and doctors in the US.
South America
Search for hospitals, clinics and doctors in South America by selecting Bupa Advantage Care as your product.
Rest of the world
Search for hospitals, clinics and doctors around the world.

Unrecognised providers

There are some hospitals Bupa Global doesn't recognise for the purpose of our health plans. Therefore we do not cover the costs of treatment carried out by these providers. Click below to see the full list (pdf) of these hospitals and clinics.

Unrecognised providers (pdf)
See the full list of hospitals and clinics that we do not cover costs for.