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Ten good reasons for taking out health insurance with Bupa Global

We are proud of what we do and we continually strive to get better. Here are 10 reasons for contacting us.

1Advice from our doctors

Our friendly and competent inhouse medical staff will provide you with good advice on treatments and places of treatment anywhere in the world.

2Cover for chronic diseases

Once covered with IHHP you can be diagnosed with a congenital, hereditary or chronic condition, and your cover will continue unchanged. If you know you suffer from a chronic disease you will need to complete an application form for our medical evaluation.

3Direct payment

We will settle your bill directly with the hospital where possible. We will confirm to the hospital that your treatment is covered and issue a payment guarantee.

424/7 medical service

If you feel ill you can always contact our in-house 24-hour medical service - day or night. They arrange eligible treatment and if necessary eligible medical evacuation.

5Communication skills

We employ many nationalities and speak more than 20 different languages. All employees in our 24-hours emergency service speak a minimum of Danish and English, and there is also always someone on duty who speaks Spanish, French, German or another language.

6Lifetime guarantee

The price of your insurance does not go up if you make claims. We guarantee lifetime cover (subject to changes in residency and/or nationality – please see the policy terms), which means we cannot cancel your insurance even if you use it a lot.

7Medical Evacuation

If you have taken out the supplementary cover for Medical Evacuation & Repatriation we will arrange for you being transported to an appropriate place of treatment, should qualified treatment not be available locally.

8Pregnancy and childbirth

After the parent’s policy has been in force for 12 months newborn babies are covered from birth, irrespective of their state of health, excluding adopted children or children being born as a result of fertility treatment and/or born by a surrogate mother.

9Sport activities

We cover all your sports activities, even professional and high-risk sports are covered. If you are a professional athlete contact us for an attractive offer.

10US cover

With an International Health and Hospital Plan you have true worldwide cover, including in the US.




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