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How the plan works

International Health and Hospital Plan gives you the flexibility of tailoring your own insurance plan*

Start tailoring your plan by choosing the core cover, the Hospital Plan.

You can buy Hospital Plan on its own, you can add a deductible and/or you can add one or more of the modules. All depending on your needs. 

If you have questions around the best combination for you then do not hesitate to mail us or request a call back

 Your core cover

The core Hospital Plan gives you the reassurance of covering essential hospital treatment you may need, whether for planned treatment or in an emergency. This includes pre- and post hospital treatment, childbirth, organ transplant, inpatient rehabilitation and emergency room treatment. The annual insurance sum is USD 4,400,000.
See the list of reimbursement for the Hospital Plan

For a full list of reimbursement and policy conditions including any exclusions or limitations to the Hospital Plan or any chosen modules, please refer to the complete brochure.

Your optional deductible


The deductible is the contribution you make towards the cost of your treatment each policy year before receiving reimbursement. You can choose to take out your plan with or without a deductible. Taking out a deductible lowers your premium. The deductible does not apply to Medical Evacuation and Repatriation and/or Dental and Optical modules.
See the list of current deductible options 

Your optional modules

  • Module 1: Non-hospitalisation Benefits
    The Non-Hospitalisation Benefits module covers medical treatments that do not require a hospital stay: consultations with a doctor, specialist or therapist and annual health check-ups. The overall annual maximum for module 1 is USD 35,000.
    See the list of reimbursement for Non-hospitalisation Benefits

  • Module 2: Medicine and Appliances
    Medicine and Appliances covers prescribed medicines, hearing aids and rent of appliances, such as wheelchairs, up to USD 3,000 per year.
    Hearing aids are covered 50% with specific maximum limits. Other appliances and medicine are covered 100% up to the annual maximum.
    See the list of reimbursement for Medicine & Appliances

  • Module 3: Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
    The Medical Evacuation and Repatriation module covers transportation to the nearest appropriate place of treatment if you have an acute serious illness or injury. For instance, we will cover expenses for transportation by aeroplane or helicopter. Expenses for an accompanying person are also covered.
    See the list of reimbursement for Medical Evacuation & Repatriation
  • Module 4A and 4B: Dental and Optical
    The Dental and Optical cover gives you the right to reimbursement of dental treatment, glasses and contact lenses. Routine dental treatment is covered 80% with maximum amounts. Special dental treatment is covered 50% up to an annual maximum. Glasses and contact lenses are covered 80% with specific maximum limits. Eye check performed by optician/optometrist is covered with a maximum limit of USD 40 under Module 4A and USD 50 under module 4B. The overall annual maximum for module 4A is USD 5,000 and for module 4B USD 7,500.
    See the list of reimbursement list for Dental & Optical

Critical Illness and Personal Accident cover

Once you have established your core plan with the above modules and deductibles you can choose to add two further supplementary covers: 

  • Critical Illness:  Critical Illness provides you with a cash sum if you are diagnosed with, or undergo surgery for a major critical illness, such as heart attack or cancer. Read more about Critical Ilness.

  • Personal Accident cover: Personal Accident provides you with a cash sum in the event of an accident resulting in e.g. loss of an arm or leg, loss of sight, loss of the use of a hand or foot, death, etc. Read more about Personal Accident. 

* Please be informed that all quotes, premiums and benefit limits are valid from 1 January 2018