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International Swiss Medical

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Comprehensive coverage all over the world

International Swiss Medical is a comprehensive healthcare plan which offers high cover sums on all the services you select for your plan. You choose between two core modules and then add optional cover for medical evacuation, dental treatment and optical treatment.

Pick and choose your plan to meet your needs and budget

You can choose between Hospital Plan and Complete Plan for the core coverage, and both plans offer 100% cover for hospitalisation with few maximums. The difference is that Complete Plan also covers outpatient services, such as GP and specialist consultations, medicines and appliances, up to USD 40,000, EUR 40,000/CHF 60,000 per year.

Comprehensive maternity cover

Both plans cover childbirth at a hospital, including medically prescribed caesarean surgeries. Pre- and postnatal treatment is reimbursed at 90% when you choose the Complete Plan.
If you have received fertility treatment, childbirth by an elective or medically prescribed caesarean or by normal delivery at a hospital or a clinic is covered for the maximum costs of customary charges of one child.

Preventative and alternative medicine

When you choose the Complete Plan, International Swiss Medical provides 90% coverage for physiotherapy and ergotherapy as well as 90% - and up to USD 1,500 policy per year - for alternative therapies such as acupuncture, neural therapy and homeopathy. Up to 50% of the costs for chiropractic and osteopathy services are also covered. Note that all therapy must be performed by a physician/doctor authorised in the country of practice.

Guaranteed coverage for the rest of your life

International Swiss Medical guarantees you renewable coverage for the rest of your life regardless of your age and changes in your health, subject to changes in residency and/or nationality - please see policy terms.

Get a price estimate

See the cover module options and their features below. For more details, please review our International Swiss Medical product guide.

Price estimate is based on default settings, your age, your health and the deductible you choose will influence your premium.

The below mentioned benefits are only an overview. For detailed information of benefits and restrictions, please see the policy conditions.

Age bracket
No. of insured persons

International Swiss Medical

Comprehensive inpatient/outpatient cover and the option of a high annual limit for medicine and selected outpatient costs.

DISCLAIMER: All premiums shown are indicative only and (at the current time) are representative of premiums valid for the period 1 January – 31 December 2019 only. All premiums shown are annual premiums with a USD 400 deductible per insured person (no deductible applies for Superior). The exact price for your policy will be quoted once the application has been accepted by Bupa Global. Premiums shown for International Swiss Medical are averages of three or four individual age groups and as such the precise premium might be higher or lower. Premiums are available in other currencies and with other deductibles. Specific details on the different insurance plans, policy conditions and premiums are available in the product guides and premium tables.