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The Superior plan provides you with our most exclusive and extensive coverage. You receive 100% cover for hospitalisation costs and enjoy a first-class service from our dedicated team. Most outpatient treatment is also covered 100%.
You will benefit from the most exclusive benefits such as hospice treatment, health resort stays and evacuation in case of outbreak of war, war-like situations and epidemics. Coverage for medical check-ups, dental and optical treatment is also part of being a Superior customer.

Your personal service team

The Superior plan provides you with your very own service team, dedicated to personally assisting you in managing your plan and care. The personal service team makes sure any query is dealt with promptly and in a professional manner, leaving you with a minimum of paperwork and no worries.

Preventive treatments and alternative medicine

Superior is designed to cover the widest range of medical expenses including preventive and alternative examinations and treatment. The Superior plan covers dietary guidance as well as a wide range of therapist treatment. This includes speech therapy, occupational and physiotherapy, reflexology, acupuncture, osteopathy and homeopathy.
Note that all therapy must be performed by a physician/doctor authorised in the country of practice.

Choose where you would like to be cared for

As a Superior customer, it is up to you to decide where you would like to be cared for. You may receive treatment, including preventive and alternative care covered under this insurance plan, anywhere in the world, whether it’s the country you live in or any other place you visit on business, holiday or as part of your education.
In case of medical evacuation we will provide transport if suitable local treatment is unavailable.


For more details, please review our Superior product guide.


Price estimate is based on default settings, your age and health will influence your premium.

Age bracket
No. of insured persons


First class medical cover. The best treatments anywhere in the world, free choice between a variety of preventive and alternative treatments and no extension modules required.

DISCLAIMER: All premiums shown are indicative only and (at the current time) are representative of premiums valid for the period 1 January – 31 December 2018 only. All premiums shown are annual premiums with a USD 400 deductible per insured person (no deductible applies for Superior). The exact price for your policy will be quoted once the application has been accepted by Bupa Global. Premiums shown for International Swiss Medical are averages of three or four individual age groups and as such the precise premium might be higher or lower. Premiums are available in other currencies and with other deductibles. Specific details on the different insurance plans, policy conditions and premiums are available in the product guides and premium tables.