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Get an Expert Medical Opinion

Have you ever needed a second medical opinion? As a member of Bupa Global you can now have one for free

About the service

All our members with Bupa Global now has free access to a world-class service from Advance Medical that offers them a review of their diagnosis by a leading expert in the relevant field. 

The service is designed to help our members with queries including:

what does my diagnosis mean?
is my diagnosis correct?
is the proposed treatment correct?
Is there more information available about my condition?
Is there an alternative treatment that would be better for me?

Any member can access this service for free via their personalised website, myPage, or by calling our General Enquiries line and speaking to one of our advisors.

Our advisors will assess the case, and then pass details on to Advance Medical. If appropriate they will assign a doctor to contact you to discuss your case in more detail.
If required, the doctor will help to gather all the relevant information, including tests, scans and reports.

Your details will be reviewed by one or more leading experts in the field, and you will receive a report which reviews your diagnosis and treatment plan. If any changes are recommended, the report is discussed with your treating doctor. And because this is all done by correspondence, you don’t have to travel anywhere to get your second opinion.

Providing access to this service is just one of the ways we go further for our members.

If you would like to apply for a second medical opinion send a mail to emergency@ihi.com stating "Second medical opinion" in the subject line and :

  • Name
  • Contact phone and best time to call
  • Contact email adress
  • Policy number
  • And finally the nature of your request: diagnosis, symptoms and a very brief medical history

You will discuss all further details of your request with our partner Advance Medical or with our in house doctors so we only need a very brief description in the mail.

Profile: who are Advance Medical?

Advance Medical’s second medical opinion service gives you the opportunity to have the world’s leading medical experts review your medical case to ensure that your care plan is appropriate for your diagnosis.

When your request for a second medical opinion is placed with Advance Medical you have potentially 5,000 eminent, internationally renowned doctors all over the globe at your disposal. All are highly regarded in the medical community for their groundbreaking research and publications, and the number of similar cases they have successfully treated.

Advance Medical has been serving their clients with healthcare and second medical opinions since 1999. It is a truly international company that serves its clients from operation centres in Boston, USA; Barcelona, Spain; Santiago, Chile and Budapest, Hungary.