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FAQ Travel insurance cover

Chronic or existing illnesses
Am I covered if I have an illness?

As a principal rule, the insurance does not cover expenses for treatment of chronic or pre-existing illnesses, which have required hospital/ physician treatment or a change of medication six months prior to the date of travelling. If you are unsure whether you are covered, our medical consultants can assess your insurance cover entitlements.

In this case, you will have to complete a form together with your doctor. It can be downloaded here. You can also contact us on phone or via email.

When does the travel insurance policy cover evacuation?

In case of:

  • epidemics
  • war, civil war, terrorist acts, martial law, revolution or similar situations
  • natural disasters

When the Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Danish embassy or a similar institution within the EU recommends evacuation, and if the situation has arisen after the insured has entered the region.
Am I covered if I am pregnant?

Yes. The insurance covers acute serious illeness or injury, even if you are pregnant. However, it does not cover medical and maternity assistance after the eighth month (36th week) of pregnancy.

When the pregnancy is the result of fertility treatment and/or you are expecting more than one child, the cover ceases after the fourth month (18th week) of pregnancy. Prenatal check-ups are not covered by your travel insurance.

Reporting a claim
How do I report a claim?

You can now submit your claims to us by email. To find out more, read our FAQ on e-claiming.

You can also complete a claim form and send it to us by post. Please send it to our head office together with all original documentation. Our address is:

Bupa Global
8 Palaegade
DK-1261 Copenhagen K

Hospital stays, compassionate emergency repatriation, medical evacuation, next of kin accompaniment, evacuation, death and accidents must be notified to us immediately. In these cases, please contact our 24-hour emergency service on +45 70 23 24 61.