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Notification of transfer of Insurance policy from IHI danmark a/s to Bupa Insurance Limited

IHI has been preparing for transferring all the business of IHI danmark a/s (IHI) to Bupa Insurance Limited (Bupa) on January 1st 2009 subject to approval by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet).

We are very pleased to inform you that the transfer of the business from IHI to Bupa has been approved by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet) and that the transfer is now successfully completed.

Following the transfer, the IHI brand name will be maintained as ihi Bupa, and the main centre of operations will continue in Denmark through the new Danish branch office of Bupa called Bupa Denmark, filial af Bupa Insurance Ltd, England (Bupa Denmark). Your policy has been transferred as it is with all the current benefits and you will continue to receive the same level of service.

Bupa is the world’s largest International Health Insurer and is a well established brand all over the world. Our main focus is taking care of our customers and ensuring that the best possible treatment is available to them no matter where they live or travel in the world. We work constantly on improving the global service standards and on building our growing network of providers. This is to make our customers the most satisfied and best cared for health insurance customers in the world.

We look forward to offering you the continued excellent level of service.


Questions and Answers

1. What is happening?

International Health Insurance danmark a/s ("IHI") in Denmark became part of the Bupa Group in 2005. It is proposed that IHI will transfer its business to its UK sister company Bupa Insurance Limited (“Bupa”). The Bupa Group is a health and care company with over 8 million members in 190 countries around the world.


2. Why is this happening?

Although IHI could be maintained as a separate company within the Bupa group, having two insurance companies in the European Union (EU) is complicated and inefficient. The proposed change consolidates Bupa’s legal structure making it simpler and more efficient.


3. When is this happening?

Subject to regulatory approval from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (the “DFSA”), the transfer is expected to become effective at 01.01 CET and 00.01 GMT on 1 January 2009 (the “Effective Date”).


4. How does this affect you?

Your policy will be transferred to Bupa. Its terms and conditions will not change and the transfer will have no influence on your benefits and cover.

All the employees currently in the IHI business will be moved to Bupa, and your policies will continue to be serviced by the same teams.


5. Why are you receiving this letter?

Danish law requires that all policyholders are offered the opportunity to make comments when the portfolio of insurances of a Danish insurance company are transferred to another insurance company. Even though transferring the insurance activities, including the portfolio of insurances, from IHI to Bupa will have no direct impact on you or your policy, this requirement ensures that you as a policyholder is properly informed about the proposed changes in the structure of the insurance business presently conducted by IHI.


6. Do I need to do anything?

No. This information package is sent to you in order to inform you and if you don’t have any objections to the plans of transferring IHI businesses to Bupa you don’t have to do anything.


7. What do I do if I have an objection to the proposed transfer?

If you believe you will be adversely affected by the transfer you can write to the DFSA setting out your reasons for objecting to the transfer. The contact details for the DFSA are set out in the enclosed statement from the DFSA. Please note that the DFSA will only consider objections received by them on or before 1st December 2008.


8. What is the procedure of transferring IHI businesses to Bupa?

IHI will transfer its business to Bupa using a procedure under Danish law. This procedure requires the approval of the DFSA, who are fully involved with the process. They have now issued a statement on the proposal and a copy of that statement is attached with this communication. Further requirements of the process involve the notification of and the consent from other European Economic Area (EEA) Regulators and publications of notice in newspapers within the EEA.

IHI and Bupa will work together with the DFSA and the Financial Services Authority (“FSA”) in the UK to ensure that the transfer is appropriately managed and that there is the minimum disruption to your policies.


9. Will your existing insurance agent or broker be replaced by a new representative?

No - all agents and brokers will be able to continue with representing Bupa on the same basis as they currently represent IHI.


10. Will you need to enter into an new insurance contract with the new insurer?

No, on transfer your existing policy will automatically be transferred to include Bupa as the insurer. You will see this the next time you renew. You will not lose your policy history or continuity of cover. There will be no change in the way your premiums are collected and you need to take no action with regards to the premiums. Your records will be transferred to Bupa.


11. Who should be contacted if we need to make a claim during the Transfer?

There is no change to the current process you are used to. The same teams/telephone numbers/websites are available and they are the ones you currently use.


12. What happens if you have an ongoing claim?

Legally all claims that you incur after the transfer will be handled by Bupa. Practically speaking, claims will continue to be handled by the same teams.


13. Who should be contacted if policyholders want to renew their policy during the transfer process?

IHI for the time being will continue to manage this process. You will be sent renewal letters at the appropriate time to tell you how to renew your policy. You should be aware that as a result of the Transfer, and from the Effective Date, Bupa will be your insurer.


14. Will your exisiting Insurance card continue to be recognised?

Yes. There should be no change to the way you are currently using your insurance card.


15. What happens to my personal and medical data?

The ownership of your personal data will be transferring to Bupa. Your data will remain protected according to EU data protection standards and the standards set out by the Danish Data Protection Agency


16. What happens to IHI after the transfer?

All existing Business will be transferred to Bupa. All new business will be underwritten by Bupa. IHI cannot offer any new insurance policies. IHI will apply for removal of its authorisation to write insurance business from the DFSA and will eventually be closed.


17. Who should I contact if I have any specific queries regarding the transfer process?

Contact on transfer-enquiries-denmark@ihi.com or +45 33 15 30 99 for Denmark, +1 305 270 3944 for Florida, +33 (0)4 92 17 42 42 for France and +34 95 247 12 04 for Spain.