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Travel in Mexico

Travel advice from our experts

It is important to us that you feel safe where ever you are in the world. Our team of doctors and experts will keep you up to date with the latest travel information and health issues from around the globe.

Swine influenza outbreak

Find out more about the swine flu virus in this medical guide and get the latest advice on international travel

Prepare for your journey with our travel guide

Are there any diseases you want to know more about before you go travelling? Find good advice on health risks, travel security, vaccinations and much more in our A-Z travel guide

Information on overseas hospitals

What are the main things to worry about should you find yourself having to go to a hospital in a foreign country? Our medical director, Dr Sneh Khemka, looks at the issues involved with overseas hospitals

Don't gamble in the Gambia

Gambia is a great holiday destination, and a few precautionary steps can make the difference between a health hazard and a great break away. Dr Sneh Khemka offers some tips on staying healthy and safe