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Business Travel

Get peace of mind for you and your company with worldwide travel coverage from Bupa Global.

The best work is always done in a safe environment. With Business Travel you can take the safe environment with you all over the world. 

The Bupa Global corporate travel insurance, Business Travel, covers treatment for acute illness and injury. It is a worldwide health insurance plan providing cover for periods of travel of less than one year.

It's all inclusive and flexible for your benefit. Please contact us or get a free quote now

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Who can take out the insurance?

Business Travel has no limits on who is eligible for cover, providing that they have a relationship to the company, such as board members, spouses, children, guests travelling in the interest of the Company, business connections or expatriate employees. Even if one of these persons suffers from a chronic disease there is a possibility of obtaining cover after further agreement with Bupa Global.


Cover highlights

  • Full cover for hospitalisation and outpatient treatment 
  • Easy administration -  all business trips under one policy
  • Board members, co-travelling spouses and children may be included
  • Cover trips up to one year
  • Unlimited cover for treatment of illness and home transportation
  • Access to Bupa Global’s medical consultants before, during and after the trip
  • Free choice of hospitals, including all private hospitals

See the list of cover and benefits for more details


The premium

  • Individual premium matching the exact number of travel days. Minimum 200 travel days should be purchased.
  • The premium will be quoted per year.

Contact Bupa Global and let us help you with health and personal safety advice for your employees.


Any other questions?

If you need further advice on which solution you should choose, call Bupa Global Corporate Travel Department at +45 70 23 84 48 or start a Web chat  with one of our employees.