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Worldwide Health Options explained

Worldwide Health Options allows you to build the insurance plan that suits you best. Start with our core cover, Worldwide Medical Insurance, and then choose the options you wish to add. Click the circles below for a detailed description of each of the options.

Worldwide Medical Insurance

Worldwide Medical InsuranceWorldwide Medical Insurance is the core of this plan, and gives you the reassurance of covering any essential hospital treatment you may need.

All surgery, cancer treatment and advanced imaging, whether received whilst staying in hospital or visiting as a day patient, are also covered.



Worldwide Medical Plus

Worldwide Health Options: medical plusWorldwide Medical Plus covers you for consultations with a doctor or specialist as well as medical treatments that do not require a hospital stay.

Worldwide Medical Plus covers you for a maximum of £25,000 of treatment per year (excluding transplant services) and also includes cover for young child care, maternity care, complementary therapies and speech therapy.


Worldwide Medicines and Equipment

Worldwide Medicines and Equipment covers you for prescription medicines and the rental of medical appliances such as oxygen supplies or wheelchairs.

Our unique long-term prescription benefit will also pay for any medicines required to manage chronic conditions such as asthma.



Worldwide Evacuation

Worldwide Health Options: evacuationThe Worldwide Evacuation option is ideal if the treatment you need is not available locally. It covers you for reasonable transport costs to the nearest suitable medical centre, ensuring you get the treatment you need.

Repatriation gives you the added option of returning to your home country or specified country of nationality, to be treated in more familiar surroundings.


Worldwide Wellbeing

Worldwide Health Options: wellbeingWorldwide Wellbeing covers you for a range of health screenings, vaccinations, dental and optical treatment to help you stay healthy.

These services can provide valuable early detection of a wide variety of conditions, and the sooner a condition is identified, the faster you can receive treatment and start feeling better.


USA cover

Worldwide Health Options: USA coverIf you spend most of your time in the USA, you’ll need to buy this cover on an annual basis. However, if you spend most of your time outside the USA, you can choose to add USA cover to your plan when you join or renew.




Worldwide Health Options: deductiblesDeductibles are the contributions you make towards the cost of your treatment. You can choose from a range of different deductibles, allowing you to manage the cost of your plan.




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