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Personal Data policy

What kind of information is being recorded by ihi Bupa?

As an insured you have the right to know what Bupa Insurance Limited ("ihi Bupa") has recorded about you. As a general rule, your name, address, any personal identity number, type of cover, any co-insured and health information will be recorded. Furthermore, we record all payments of premium and any reimbursements.

We also record all phone calls and may monitor them, in the interest of continuously improving our service to you as an insured. The recording can be used for claims handling.

If you find out that we hold inaccurate or misleading information about you, you have a right to have the information rectified, erased or blocked and, in that connection, to demand that anyone who has received this information about you is advised.  

What do we use the information for?

As an insured, you have a right to know what the information submitted to ihi Bupa is being used for. Generally, we use the information for collecting the correct premium, paying out reimbursement(s), administer your policy and prevent fraud or improper claims.

Confidentiality: ihi Bupa complies with applicable data protection legislation and medical confidentiality guidelines. All correspondence concerning your policy will be sent to the policyholder. All insured persons on the poicy may have access to correspondence and other infrmation sent by ihi Buypa or accessed at www.ihi.com via the myPage login. Ihi Bupa uses third parties to process data on its behalf and your data may be processed in or outside the EU. Ihi Bupa may exchange your information within the Bupa group and with your intermediary.

Medical information: ihi Bupa may seek and exchange information about your and your dependants’ health and treatment with those involved in your and your dependants’ care (including your treating doctor and hospital) and their agents, and, if applicable, any person or organisation who may be responsible for meeting your and your deoendants’ treatment expenses, or their agents, as ihi Bupa deems necessary.

Research: Anonymised or aggregated data may be used by ihi Bupa, or disclosed to others, for research or statistical purposes.

Fraud: Information, including recorded telephone calls, may be disclosed to others with a view to preventing or detecting fraudulent or improper claims.

Names and addresses: ihi Bupa does not make the names and addresses of customers avaiblable to other organisations (except as stated above).


You may complain to ihi Bupa or to the Danish Data Protection Agency if you believe that the processing of your personal data does not comply with applicable data protection legislation.  

Additional information

If there is anything you would like to know in more detail, please contact ihi Bupa.