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Extend travel insurance

Use this form to add extra days to your insurance cover

You can extend your travel insurance online if your trip lasts longer than expected. This service is available both for Annual Multi-Trip Travel and Single Trip customers who want to add extra days to the insurance. Please be aware that an extension can only be made before the previous insurance period expires.

You can extend the cover as many times as you need, as long as the total duration of the trip does not exceed 12 months. You can also select the people on your policy who need the extension so you don’t have to extend it for all insured.

Please note that any illness or injury which has occurred, or has shown symptoms, or has been diagnosed in the previous travel period(s) shall not be covered in the extended travel period, unless the extension was made before the illness or injury occurred or had shown symptoms.

Start the process by adding your policy number and date of birth below or read this FAQ for more information about extending your travel cover.

Extend your travel insurance
Policy number (type only the first 7 digits)
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