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Submit expatriate claim online

Submit your claim online by completing the form below. Once the claim has been submitted you will receive an email as proof of submission.

Please remember to:

  • remember to attach the medical certificate if the claim is related to trip cancellation
  • upload any documents in the correct file format (gif, tiff, jpeg, pdf)
  • keep your original receipts until the claims have been processed

If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ or contact us by mail or phone (+45 70 20 70 48 CET).

We are commmited to protecting your privacy when dealing with your personal information. See our Privacy Notice for full details of the information we collect about you and how we use and protect it.

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  Please type a valid policy number and/or date of birth Please type a valid Cpr-Number (Social security number) You have an international travel insurance, please fill out this claim form click here You have a health insurance, please go to the correct claim form click here Your policy has been canceled

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For all other claim types, click here.

https://scandinavia.ihi.com/Anmeld+skade/XX91+Anmeld+skade+online/Confirmation https://global.ihi.com/travel%20insurance/scandinava%20travel%20claim/confirmation.aspx