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How to report a travel claim

Reimbursement for expenses

You have to send us a claim form to be reimbursed for treatment.  You can download a claim form here.

Hospital treatment

In the event of acute illness or injury, please contact our 24-hour Medical Centre who can arrange for a guarantee of payment with the treating hospital or clinic, so we can settle medical bills directly. Our Medical Centre can attend to related issues such as medical repatriation, compassionate emergency visits or next of kin accompaniment arising from the illness of injury.

Outpatient treatment

When you have paid bills for doctor, medical specialist or dental treament, simply send the bills and receipts with a completed claim form and we will assess your claim for reimbursement.

How we reimburse you

The bill must specify the diagnosis and costs (consultation, laboratory examination, medicine etc.). If medicine has been purchased, a copy of the prescription should be enclosed. If you have an annual travel policy, you should also send us travel documentation together with your claim.

You can submit your claim to us by email. Click here to find out more about e-claiming.

You can also send your claim to us by post. The address is:
ihi Bupa
Palaegade 8
1261 Copenhagen K

Our reply to your claim - check myPage

If you have an annual travel insurance, you can check the outcome of our handling of your claim at myPage

Download claim forms

For faster assessment, please submit a claim form with your bills.

Download claim form